Flu and Cold Facts: 15 Ridiculous Myths About the Flu and Colds


15 Ridiculous Cold and Flu Myths Busted!

Cold and flu myths abound this time of year. While some of them are harmless, others can thwart real efforts to control the spread of cold and flu viruses; some myths might even make you sicker.

15 Cold and Flu Myths that are Easily Dispelled by Science

1. The Flu shot can Make You Sick

While some types of vaccines may give you a mild case of the illness you’re trying to prevent (the malaria vaccine, for example), the flu vaccine is absolutely not one of them. They are either made from an “inactivated” form of the virus, or not from a flu vaccine virus at all.

2. At-Risk Individuals, not Healthy People, Need Flu Shots

The CDC suggests that youth between the ages of six months and 19 years old, people over the age of 49, pregnant women, and those with chronic illnesses receive an annual flu vaccination. Healthy individuals might not be at risk for serious complications from the flu, but they are just as capable of spreading the virus to susceptible members of the population.

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