17 Healthy Picnic Ideas You Need this Summer


Warmer weather, check. Sun is out, check. No school, check. Longer days, check. Yup, sounds like picnic season is here. No, seriously. July is National Picnic month, which means there’s never been a better time to break out your picnic basket or cooler, pack up some goodies, and enjoy a little dining al fresco with your favorite people. And we’re here with healthy picnic food ideas to inspire your next dining adventure.

For some people the idea of eating a meal outside sounds like heaven. Others are less enthused about the extra work that goes into advanced food preparation and packing up your meal (and your kitchen), but trust us, on a gorgeous day the benefits of a picnic will far outweigh the hassle. Time outside in the fresh air can help clear your mind, and help you unplug from the chaos of your everyday life. Plus, a little vitamin D never hurt anyone; in fact, increased vitamin D (which is produced naturally by your body when you are exposed to sunlight) has been shown to help improve your immune system, boost your mood and reduce your risk of depression.

And don’t forget the most important point: picnics are fun!

If you’re worried that the picnic foods you know and love will derail your diet efforts and the summer body you fought hard to achieve, have no fear. 17 healthy picnic ideas are here to help you plan the perfect summer picnic that is diet-friendly and delicious. Check out these tips and recipes for healthy picnic food, and then grab your goods and get out there…picnic season is upon us!

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