Your Nipples: 20 Facts That Will Make You Perk Up


The human body is a weird, miraculous, beautiful machine, and while many of our body parts have obvious purposes (our heart, our lungs, our stomach), some components are a little stranger to look at, a little harder to understand and a lot weirder to talk about. For instance: What are nipples made of?

Yes, those sometimes funny-looking red circles on your breasts are quite interesting. And they’re pretty amazing. So small, yet so mighty. Your nipples can be the source of serious pleasure. They can feed your baby. They can indicate underlying health issues and they can alert you that something might be wrong. They can also be really sexy.

And if you have ever wondered, “what are nipples made of?” or “why do I have nipples?” Or maybe you’ve questioned “is my nipple size normal?” Or “why are my nipples always hard?” Good news: we’re here with some answers. After all, everyone has nipples. In fact, some of us have more than others…but more on that below.


Let’s Start with the Basics: What Are Nipples Made Of?

A nipple is the “pigmented projection on the surface of the chest in the male and the breast in the female.” Merriam-Webster defines a nipple as “the protuberance of a mammary gland upon which in the female the lactiferous ducts open and from which milk is drawn.” Basically, it’s the part of your breast that sticks out and has an orifice that can release fluids.

Nipples come in a wide range of appearances and there are many different types of nipples; just as every person is an individual, every nipple is unique. They all look and feel different, but there’s also a lot that all nipples have in common.

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