20 New Morning-Amping Cholesterol-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

20 Tasty Low Cholesterol Breakfast Recipes

When you’re making conscious choices to support your heart health, breakfast is a great way to get in an easy serving of cholesterol-lowering soluble fibers and heart healthy fats. September is National Cholesterol Education Month, so what better time to read up on low cholesterol breakfast recipes to start your mornings the right way.

These low cholesterol breakfast recipes range from sweet to savory, cold to hot. For many of the recipes, a little effort goes a long way to making breakfast a delicious, heart healthy meal.

Here are 20 Low Cholesterol Breakfast Recipes to Try

1. Chia Seed & Pomegranate Oats
Oats are a classic go-to component of low cholesterol breakfast recipes. These overnight oats from Whole Earth Foods is comprised of chia seed for texture, protein, and fiber, and is topped with fruity, heart-friendly pomegranate seed.

2. Buckwheat Porridge
Chewy and nutty buckwheat groats are a great alternative to oats for a breakfast porridge. Try this recipe from Bon Appetit, and feel free to use a non-dairy milk instead.

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