20 Ways to Elevate Your Foreplay


With our busy lives, sex and the supposed-to-be-awesome foreplay that comes with it can sometimes takes a back seat. Wondering how to improve your sex life and move it back up front? Here are 20 ways to increase your sex drive and improve foreplay so you can have fulfilling sex with stronger orgasms.

How to Make Sex Hotter

1. Use Your Brain

If you want to know how to have better sex, it’s all in the mind. According to a study published in Sexologies, women who think erotic thoughts and focus on body sensations during sex have a higher probability of achieving an orgasm.

2. Schedule the Time

If you struggle with how to have a healthier sex life, it’s about knowing how to make time for intimacy. Just like you schedule the gym or a girl’s night out, try doing the same for some hanky-panky.

3. Respond to Your Partner’s Wants

Alright, so your sex drive is on park. But if theirs is in third gear, respond to their needs and boost your libido by stepping on the gas with them. Surrender and enjoy the ride.

4. Sexting as Foreplay

Writing what you want to do to each other is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It not only boosts your libido, but he Journal of Sex Research found that couples that write uncensored texts to each other also feel more satisfied with their relationship and have better sexual communication.

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