20 Ways You Can Help Victims of Hurricanes


20 Ways to Help Hurricane Victims: Disaster Relief

Hurricanes can wreak such broad, long-lasting devastation upon a community that figuring out how to help can seem overwhelming, and perhaps even impossible — especially if you’re nowhere near the area that has been hit. But there are many ways to help victims of hurricanes (both grand and modest) in the immediate future, as well as in the longer term.

20 Ways to Help Hurricane Victims

1. Help Evacuate Stranded Individuals

If you own a boat, be ready to pitch in your time to help evacuate stranded individuals.

Currently, the Houston Police are in dire need of boat owners to help evacuees. Call 713-881-3100 if you can volunteer.

2. Give Blood

No matter where you are, you can donate blood to help maintain an adequate supply for those who have sustained injuries in the storm; ideally, you should donate blood before the storm hits to prevent shortages from happening in the first place. Visit the American Red Cross to find a local blood drive.

At the moment, clinics and hospital in Texas are in dire need of type O positive and negative.

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