4 Reasons to Peel an Orange Instead of Gulping Down That OJ

4 Reasons to Peel an Orange Instead of Gulping down That OJ-Feture2
4 Reasons to Peel an Orange Instead of Gulping down That OJ-Feture1

In the fruit vs juice debate, eating the whole orange wins every time. Drinking juice, especially as an attempt to quench your thirst, quickly adds up to empty calories. Instead, do your body a favor and cut out that glass of orange juice and swap it out for an actual orange, because peeling and enjoying fruit undoubtedly provides you with more nutrition.

Fruit vs Juice

1. Oranges Have More Fiber Than Orange Juice
If you look at the amount of fiber in orange juice compared to 1 cup of orange slices, it’s 0.7 grams and 4.3 grams, respectively, due to the pulp and skin.

2. A Cup of OJ has More Sugar than an Orange
Determining the sugar differences between an orange and 100 percent orange juice is a little tricky, but 1 cup of OJ contains 21 grams of sugar. And it takes 3 oranges to make 1 cup of orange juice. But do you usually find yourself eating 3 oranges in one sitting?

3. You Drink Orange Juice Faster
When you start guzzling downs cups of OJ, the amount of sugar you ingest tends to skyrocket. It’s just much easier to gulp down 2 cups of juice than to sit, peel, and eat the six oranges. The fiber, pulp, and process of peeling an orange definitely makes you feel more full than a glass of OJ.

4. And Remember, Most Orange Juice has Added Sugars
On top of this, keep in mind that most OJ isn’t fresh squeezed, and contains even more sugar, and way less real juice. This is why when you do decide to pour a glass of orange juice, it’s important to read the labels and double check that you’re OJ really is 100 percent orange juice.

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