8 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Work This Summer


Though summer jobs for teens might fill their pockets, educational experts say the experience is worth a lot more than that paycheck. A 2015 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that summer jobs for students are the first big steps toward adulthood and self-sufficiency. Apparently, there are real benefits of summer jobs.

Still not convinced that you should make your teen work this summer? Listen to this: according to the study the benefits of summer jobs also include higher grades, better habits, and cognitive skills. In fact, summer jobs for teens showed to help high school and college students even more if they held job over the course of multiple summers. Here are 8 reasons why your kid should work this summer.

The Benefits of Summer Jobs for Teens

 Social Responsibility

Students who participated in Summer Youth Employment Programs (SYEP) across the country were said to act more responsible in social situations and when it came to sexual behavior after having held summer jobs, according to a Michigan State study.

School Attendance Improves

The study saw that summer jobs for teens increased young people’s awareness of how important it is to show up where you are expected at a set time. Attendance records for teens with summer jobs were better than those who hadn’t had summer jobs, according to the study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The study also cited research showing programs like SYEP lead to less violence and crime in a teen’s life.

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