A Zen Path to Heart Health: Can Meditation Really Improve It?


Real Inner Peace: Meditation for Heart Health

Modern science is only recently shining the light upon the health benefits of meditation, although meditation has been practiced for well being in a diversity of traditions for thousands of years. A new report published by the American Heart Association suggests that the potential benefits of meditation for heart health are so compelling that they are worth exploring through randomized, controlled studies; for the most part the benefits of meditation for heart health have yet to be established through research.

Health Benefits of Meditation

The report considered findings from studies investigating meditation’s effect on stress, blood pressure, diabetes, endothelial function, risk of heart attack, cessation of smoking, and prevention of heart disease. While the analysts found that many of the studies were of low quality, presented mixed conclusions overall, or had results that were not reproducible, the most promising link between meditation and cardiovascular health was its utility in quitting smoking.

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