Air Pollution and Kidney Disease: What You Need to Know

Air Pollution and Kidney Disease-What You Need to Know-MainPhoto

Air Pollution and Kidney Disease-What You Need to Know-MainPhoto

Chronic kidney disease is a condition that reflects irreversible damage that affects the proper functioning of the organs. Unchecked chronic kidney disease can lead to kidney failure and eventually require an individual to undergo dialysis or seek a kidney transplant. Often, chronic kidney disease is linked to lifestyle habits and conditions that lead to diabetes and high blood pressure. New research has begun to uncover the link between air pollution and kidney disease, concluding that air pollution and kidney disease have a direct relationship.

The study utilized health data from nearly 2.5 million United States veterans and environmental data from the EPA regarding levels of fine particulate matter — particles less than 2.5 µm in aerodynamic diameter that are a significant marker in assessing air quality. Based on the research, the incidence of chronic kidney disease and reduced kidney function unequivocally was linked to increasing exposures of fine particulate matter.

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