Is spicy food the key to improving your sex drive?

Chili peppers, which boost sex drive, set on a table

Chili peppers, which boost sex drive, set on a table

Chili peppers are often synonymous with heat and passion.

Whatever the association, there is no denying that eating these spicy members of the nightshade family gets your heart pumping. You can even break a sweat!

Heat aside, though, is there actually a correlation between spicy foods and sex drive? 

You’re in luck!  Yes, chili peppers can be added to the list of aphrodisiac foods; that is, foods that boost sex drive. If you can stand the sizzle on your tongue, you can reap the rewards.

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How does spicy food increase sex drive?

Chili peppers contain a chemical compound called capsaicin. This is what generates the heat in peppers, and the hotter the pepper, the higher the concentration of capsaicin.

Whether fresh, dried, or powdered, these little pods provide a wonderful depth of flavor to your dishes, and, as an added bonus, the capsaicin also increases libido.

That feeling when you slurp up a spicy bowl of soup, or polish off a red hot plate of chicken wings, and start sweating is the key.  That’s because capsaicin, the active compound in chili peppers, has a metabolic effect.

The heat jumpstarts the cardiovascular system. So your heart beats faster and your blood vessels begin to open, allowing more blood to flow through. And depending on the level of heat, you start sweating – even without exercising!  

This special thermogenic effect has also led to many studies about the relationship between capsaicin and weight loss. The bottom line is that when your cardiovascular system is kicked into high gear, your brain signals your body to release endorphins – just like during exercise and sex. From this process, scientists were able to deduce the correlation between spicy foods and sex drive.  

Put differently, capsaicin amazingly mirrors how libido is revved up in both men and women – by stimulating your cardiovascular system and releasing endorphins simultaneously.  And that’s the reason why chili peppers are considered to be a libido-boosting food.

Spicy foods improve female libido

Thermogenic effect and endorphin activation occur in both sexes. Let’s look at the female consequences more closely.

Endorphins levels which regulate pain and pleasure may be influenced by spices contained in chili peppers.

One example is capsaicin, an over-the-counter medication for pain.

Endorphins are also naturally produced with foreplay and sexual activity.

And this is particularly important for a healthy sex drive because it triggers your body to want more.

Additionally, spicy foods improve female libido because consuming capsaicin can bring about a slight burning sensation in your nether regions. This is comparable to how your genitals feel when you are aroused, and this tingling makes your brain crave sex.

Spicy foods boost men’s sex drive

There is a tailored physical response for men as well.

When a man is erect, his circulatory system is working at full force. This is a result of vasodilation (blood vessels widening) allowing more oxygenated blood to course through veins and arteries.

Spicy foods increase men’s sex drive because they cause the cardiovascular system to respond and kick-start the dilation of blood vessels throughout the body. Studies have shown that men have a particularly strong response to eating spicy food. In fact, consuming capsaicin boosts testosterone levels and increases sex drive. Needless to say, chili peppers are a wonder aphrodisiac food!

Whether you are male or female, an active sex life is important. But given the hectic pace of modern life, sex often takes a back seat. This is the exact opposite of what should happen since sex, among other health benefits, is a great stress reliever.

It’s nice to know there are still natural ways to improve your libido, and the capsaicin in chili peppers does just that!

If you’re not a heat lover, you needn’t worry. Some studies have found that capsiate, the active chemical in sweet peppers, is quite similar to capsaicin’s effect on the body.

Although it does not have as strong a cardiovascular response, it may still increase your sex drive slightly.

For those that love the tingling sensation in the back of your throat, your taste buds and libido will thank you. Spicy lovers know that there is no replacing that depth of flavor a chili pepper offers, and the increase in sex drive is an amazing bonus.

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