Armpit Cysts: What They are, and How to Treat Them


Armpit Lump: What You Need to Know About Underarm Cysts

Armpits are sensitive parts of our body that encounter plenty of irritation, but don’t get much TLC in return. Shaving, chafing, sweating, and even antiperspirant use can cause you to develop a rash or eventually lead to an armpit lump. While finding a lump anywhere on your body can be alarming — they can be big, painful, develop suddenly, or hang around for years — finding an armpit lump is common and usually not a reason to be concerned.

If you’re feeling ill, a large, armpit lump can be a sign of swollen lymph nodes and can afflict both of your underarms until you recover. A hard lump that cannot be moved around beneath the skin may indicate a cancerous tumor or a benign growth called fibroadenoma.

Often though, an armpit lump is more like an underarm cyst. If you’re able to rule out cancer or illness as the cause of your armpit lump, consider these cyst-like formations to hone in on the nature of your armpit lump:

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