Beat and Run: Can Middle Aged Heart Disease be Reversed with Exercise?

For those of you sitting down doubting whether exercise reverses heart disease, it’s time to get moving and believe it.

Past research by UT Southwestern cardiologists found that the left ventricular of our hearts stiffen during middle age if we don’t exercise enough. Being unfit leaves our hearts with small, stiff chambers that can’t pump oxygen rich blood as efficiently as it could if we were more active.

Keeping these findings in mind, reversing heart disease through exercise before late middle age was therefore at the center of a new study by cardiologists at UT Southwestern and Texas Health Resource.

Can you reverse heart disease by working out a just twice a week you ask? Sorry, it’s not going to help. While the study found that exercise can reverse damage to sedentary, aging hearts and help prevent risk in the future, if  it’s not the right amount of exercise, and not begun in time, it’s not going to help your heart.

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