Canker Sore Health Gauge: 25 Ways They Give Early Symptoms About the State of Your Body

If you ever experienced a canker sore, you probably know the discomfort that comes along with these painful (and unattractive) blisters–but what may surprise you, is the many different canker sore causes that may indicate something more about your health.

Canker sores (also known as mouth ulcers) are among the most common types of oral lesions, affecting about 20 percent of people, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

While the exact cause of some canker sores hasn’t been pinpointed, some cases of canker sores are caused by an underlying health condition, some even deadly. From drinking too much coffee to arthritis, read on for what those annoying canker sores could be telling you about your body.

Key Canker Sore Causes to be Aware Of

1. A Food Sensitivity

People with a sensitivity to certain acidic foods such as tomatoes, strawberries or pineapple often develop painful canker sores.

2. Lyme Disease

According to, carriers of Lyme Disease (an infection transmitted to humans by a deer tick) often list mouth ulcers as an early symptom.

3. A Reaction to Bacteria

NIH explains that the formation of canker sores may also be your body’s reaction to some bacteria present in your mouth

4. Hormones Affect the Mouth

Your period can be blamed for everything from cramping, bloating and feeling just plain miserable–but did you know that your cycle could also be to blame for canker sores? Studies say that the fluctuation of hormones during menstruation can be to blame for gum issues, like swollen gums and canker sores.

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