Cannabis for Your Vagina: It’s a Thing


Just listening to Bob Marley may have gotten your lady parts jamming in the past, but these days, you might need a helluva lot more positive vibrations down there to really stir it up. Don’t worry about a thing: for around 88 dollars and a medical marijuana card, a one-ounce jar of the odorless THC and coconut oil-based lubricant Foria (named for the female flower of the marijuana plant) can literally get your lady flower high.

The uses of cannabis lubes in U.S. states where medical marijuana is legal—with sexy products like the California brand Foria or Washington’s Bond—are for enhancing pleasure in the female genitalia. You know, bringing back that loving feeling, that warm and tingly sensation deep down inside.

According to its website, Foria is designed for topical use and the majority of women who try their products topically report that they do not get “high” but that “their experiences are of a more heightened sensation around sensual acts.”

Since there are no sexual enhancement products on the level of Viagra out there for women, these “all-natural” touted cannabis lubes seem to be marketed to women experiencing a drop in desire due to hormones or some level of sexual dysfunction.

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