Checklists for Your Doctor Visits If You Have Diabetes


Every person with diabetes should visit a doctor at least every three months. Regular checkups allow your doctor to track your condition and, if necessary, make changes in your treatment plan.

But what should happen during those checkups? Do you wonder why your doctor orders certain tests? Or what the numbers mean? The American Diabetes Association’s guidelines cover all aspects of diabetes care, including doctors’ visits. This summary of the ADA’s recommendations will help you know what to expect from your next visit. If you still wonder why your doctor has ordered a test — or not ordered a test — be sure to ask the doctor directly.

When Tests Should Be Done

The ADA has different guidelines for what should happen on diagnosis, at each visit, every three months, and once a year.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor should provide a pneumococcal vaccine for protection against pneumonia, unless you have already been vaccinated. This vaccination does not have to be renewed each year. When you turn 65, however, you should receive another vaccine if you haven’t had one in the last five years.

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