Colonics: Know the Benefits and Risks


Are Colonics Safe? What You Need to Know

We all have at least one beautiful friend who swears by the cleansing of colonics. To top it off, several A-list celebs like Madonna, Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow tout their effects to the media, making us feel like we’re missing out on a must-do health procedure. Butare colonics safe? Here, we’ll discuss colonic benefits and risks if you’re on the fence about trying it yourself.

Colonic Benefits and Risks

While inner cleansing has been around for centuries around the globe, during most of the 20th century colon cleansing was used as a medical procedure in hospitals, like preparing someone for a colonoscopy or for surgery, for example.

Colonics are also used for patients with severe cases of constipation whose bodies are resistant to laxatives so that irrigating stool from their colons brings them instant relief. In these cases a hydrotherapist performs the procedure in a medical facility under a physician’s direction.

These days, spas and alternative medicine practitioners offer colon cleansing for other purposes, such as detoxification. And celebrities claim it improves their health, energy levels, skin, and flattens their stomachs in no time.

But while Hollywood sings its praises, the medical world doesn’t see the purpose of colonics. That’s because our digestive system already eliminates waste material and bacteria from our body on its own. Since the colon houses most of the intestinal flora, which helps with detoxification, digestion, and regulating the immune system, and other functions, there are risks in messing with human nature’s system.

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