Can crystals really improve my sex life?

Crystals for a better sex life in a bowl

Turns out diamonds aren’t the only rock that can be your best friend. These days, semi-precious stones aren’t just to shine pretty on your neck and ears, but believe it or not, they can improve your sex life.

How is it possible that a cold crystal can turn up the heat? More and more, people are turning to the power of crystals and gemstones, believing that our bodies actually correspond with the energy and vibration levels of crystals and mineral stones, which are said to possess natural energy fields and properties. That’s why some healers will tell you there are crystals for enhancing sexual energy if you’re not feeling it.

Researchers at the National Center for Biotechnology Information say gemstone therapy believers claim stones carry certain vibrations and channel good energy.

So that when the gem or stone is placed within a person’s “aura”, it can change the mental and physical outlook of the wearer. They add that chakra therapies involve “a gemstone being placed on major and minor chakra points of the body to restore balance and vitality to the human system.”

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, chakra is a Sanskrit term for vortices of energy that are believed to connect the physical and energetic body. While western medicine remains skeptical, the power of the mind over the body sometimes works pretty well.

Best crystals for better sex

If you’re looking for the right crystals for better sex, try these:

Manganoan Calcite

Manganoan Calcite

If you’re in need of a little crystal therapy for a better sex life, the L.A.-based crystal healer Azalea Lee told The New York Times that she often uses this stone in her private crystal healing sessions.

Triangularly stacked, she says that the manganoan calcite from China helps people learn how to receive love.

“From those who have difficulty accepting compliments to singles who feel romantically marginalized, manganoan calcite works to dispel the false belief that others are more important and deserve more love than oneself,” says Lee.

Lee adds that the stone is perfect for mothers who give love and attention “but who may feel guilty letting themselves be taken care of.”

This crystal gently reminds you that sometimes, it’s all about YOU.

Tiger Eye

Cat’s Eye, Lehsuniam, Vaiduria

Astrologer and gemstone expert, Dr. R.K. Sharma, told the Times of India that this feline rock “is a gemstone that helps create a spiritual union with your partner. The gemstone enhances the merger of spirit and body and is a very sexual gemstone. It also enhances psychic abilities, mystical experiences and divine knowledge.”

You will be meowing again in no time.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Need a crystal to help to enhance your current sex life or to manifest your next incredible lover?

According to Mind Body Green, you really need a rose quartz as your heart rock. “This little gem is all about healing, heart opening, and attracting all things love into your year.” It’s best to wear it as a necklace (so it’s close to your chest) or tuck a rose quartz into your bra each morning to improve your sex life in no time.

So now you know: the right energetics through gemstones can actually help you get your rocks off (pun fully and proudly intended)!

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