Here’s why daydreaming is good for your health


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Here's why daydreaming is good for your health-mainphoto

If you’ve spent your whole life trying to rein in your flights of fancy (guilty!), we’ve got some good news. Letting your mind wander doesn’t necessarily mean you’re flaky or spacey. In fact, there are some very real health benefits of daydreaming that may surprise you.

That’s right—daydreaming is good for you!

Spacing out tends to get a bad rap but the ability to let your mind roam freely may mean you actually have working memory to spare—meaning you’ve got enough brain power to mentally multi-task.

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Vanessa Binder
Vanessa Binder

Vanessa Binder is a freelance writer, editor and dog lover. She has been writing about health, wellness, style and beauty for online publications including Mamiverse and Las Fabulosas since 2011. She lives in Virginia with her canine companion, Fern, who is a fan of food, fun, friends and alliteration.