Death Doulas: A New Way of Dying


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The recent popularity of birth doulas is certainly a reaction to the relatively clinical nature of modern birth. It’s perhaps only natural, then, that death doulas have emerged as a balm to a growing sense that there is something awry in our modern understanding of death. A death doula, or end of life doula, is there to keep the focus on the humanity of their charge and restore dignity to the process of death.

“To me a death doula is no different in its mission than the hospice movement. To me it’s a natural cultural response, the pendulum swinging back the other direction,” said Joshua Magariel, Manager of Grief and Loss Services in Chicago at Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care.

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Kat McCue
Kat McCue

Kat McCue is a writer, environmental activist, and kimchi lover. She leads DIY natural beauty workshops from her home in Brooklyn, New York, where she lives with her husband and cat. If she isn’t home, you might find her biking around the city, in a park practicing qigong with friends, or trying to escape to Costa Rica.