Video: That Sudden Urge to Poop after Eating and What You Can Do about It

Woman needs to go to bathroom after eating

Have you ever experienced having to go to the bathroom right to poop after eating, or even had digestion issues midway through a meal? Diarrhea immediately after eating is a symptom of several disorders that could be affecting your bowel movements.

You may think experiencing diarrhea immediately after eating your meal is caused by indulging in fast foods, but saludmóvil’s™ integrative medicine expert, Dr. Joseph Mosquera asserts otherwise.

Those sudden bathroom trips you may be experiencing are most likely symptoms of an underlying condition that happen to be exacerbated by poor food choices,” says Dr. Mosquera.

I did some research and partnered up with Dr. Joseph Mosquera to suss out the details of what could be triggering the need to poop right after eating, and what can be done to stop it.

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