Digital Tutors: 15 Homework Apps to Help Your Kid Get Ahead


It’s easy for kids to be overwhelmed by everything that comes with a new school year, including homework. Expectations on students seem to be higher than ever and homework has become more complex, often making it stressful for kids (and parents). From managing assignments and projects to SAT prep, there’s a number of learning and educational apps for kids to help make homework a little less difficult. We’ve rounded up some of the best homework apps to help your kids have a successful school year — and make your life a little easier.

Top Homework Apps to Download Now

My Study Life (Android, iOS)
Most parents know planning is an important tool to any successful school year. My Study Life is a cross-platform digital planner that helps your kids keep track of their daily schedule, as well as manage important dates such as tests and project deadlines.

Duolingo (Android, iOS)
Named Apple’s App of the Year in 2013, Duolingo is a learning app for kids makes learning languages fun by turning it into a game where kids can earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up.

Grammar Dragon (iOS)
Designed for children in elementary school, Grammar Dragon is a game-based program helps kids to learn the parts of speech as well as vocabulary and sentence structure.

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