Dogs for Weight Loss: Here’s Why Getting a Pooch Might Make You Thinner

If you’re having trouble losing those extra pounds, you may want to consider getting a dog to help jumpstart your weight loss. It turns out a furry family member may be more than just a good cuddling buddy – research shows your dog can help you lose weight, too.

From lowering blood pressure to reducing stress, it’s long been suggested that having a pet has a number of health benefits. Now multiple studies point to dog owners not only exercising more, but also having a better chance of sticking to a successful weight-loss program. And with a recent Forbes article citing that over 50 percent of adults and dogs are obese in this country – getting exercise alongside your pooch is a win-win.

Before put on your running shoes and grab the leash, read on for exactly how your dog can help you lose weight – and maybe keep it off for good.

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