Are Electronic Scales Safe for Pregnancy?


It’s common for companies who manufacture BMI scales to recommend against their use during pregnancy, but there’s no clear consensus as to why. This has sparked concerns among customers: Are electronic scales safe during pregnancy? The answer is a little complicated, and requires a bit of myth-busting.

There are plenty of online forums where people have been theorizing over these warnings and whether electronic scales are safe during pregnancy. The most troublesome is that the bioelectrical impedance (the minor electrical current that gets sent through your body to determine your BMI, among other measurements) might be unsafe for the fetus. After all, across the board, people with electronic medical implants are cautioned against using these BMI scales due to their potentially disruptive effect on pacemakers or defibrillators. If this current is strong enough that it may be unsafe for people with medical devices, then are body fat scales safe while pregnant?

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