Everything You Need to Know About Pool Parasites


Summer is upon us, and most of us have visions of burgers on the grill and frolicking in the pool — not a trip to the doctor’s office due to swimming pool bacteria. But health experts have a warning about dangerous pool parasites that could put a damper on your summer fun and make you very sick.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is warning families to protect themselves and their children from the difficult-to-kill parasite, Cryptosporidium. More simply known as “Crypto,” the microscopic parasite can make kids and adults to become incredibly sick when feces-contaminated water is swam in or ingested. Yup. Feces.

What may be more alarming than how you get Crypto, is the fact that outbreaks of this dangerous swimming pool bacteria have doubled in the last two years, though the CDC isn’t sure what is responsible for the rise of the parasite rate. “It is not clear whether the number of outbreaks has increased or whether better surveillance and laboratory methods are leading to better outbreak detection,” it said in a press statement.

So before you take that swim to cool off from the sweltering heat, read on to learn about parasites that could be lurking in your pool water.

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