Finding the Right Athletic Shoes for Your Exercise Routine


While it will do some damage to your bank account, you need a sport-specific pair of athletic shoes for any activity you do more than three times a week. Otherwise you risk injury and may hamper your performance. A running shoe, for example, provides extra cushioning and has a more durable outsole (the bottom of a shoe) than an aerobics shoe, which supports your ankle when you make sudden side-to-side movements.

A tennis shoe also lets you move laterally more easily than a running shoe, and, like the aerobics shoe, will help prevent your foot from rolling over and causing an ankle sprain when you make a sudden stop. The tennis shoe has extra rubber in areas that receive the most punishment in this sport, such as the toe and ball of the foot.

A cross training shoe combines the forefoot flexibility of a running shoe with the side-to-side support of an aerobics shoe, and may be a good choice if you do several different activities.

What Brands Should I Look For?

There’s no overall winning manufacturer. Once you try on several brands, you’ll realize that every company has its own style; some make shoes for wide feet, others put in a lot of arch support. Even sizing varies from make to make. You may wear a 10 in one brand and an 11 in another. So forget advertising and sponsored athletes and go for the pair that suits your feet.

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