Generic High Blood Pressure Meds: Study Suggests They Lead to More Side Effects


Generic Blood Pressure Medication Side Efffects

Many of us have been led to believe that generic medications are safe, often cheaper, alternatives to brand name drugs. And in many scenarios, that may still be true. But in the case of blood pressure medications, a recent study has found that the generic blood pressure medication side effects far surpass any side effects found with the brand name meds. In other words, the generic medication was not equally beneficial, but rather exponentially more damaging.

The recent findings were published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, and suggest that the use of generic versions of common blood pressure drugs is associated with increased side effects.

Backing up, let’s talk about generic vs brand name drugs. Because there’s certainly a lot of confusion out there in terms how these are similar, or perhaps more importantly, how they differ.

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