Handling A Heat Rash: 10 Tips on Prevention and Treatment


Heat rash, also known as prickly heat or miliaria, occurs when sweat gets trapped beneath your skin. This can cause an itchy, tingly rash to develop, usually resembling blisters or pimples. Heat rash usually affects babies and infants, but it can develop in anyone. You’re most likely to develop it on the sweaty areas of your body that are prone to chafing (behind the elbows and knees, back of the neck, in the groin area, under the breasts).

Heat rash is a very minor condition that usually clears up within a matter of days, but it can be extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, treating it from home is easy, and heat rash prevention is straightforward.

Here are Ten Tips to Prevent and Treat Heat Rash

1. Dry Off
Turning on a fan will help skin breathe by allowing sweat to evaporate from clogged sweat ducts. If you don’t have access to a fan, you can use a soft towel or cloth to gently blot moisture from the affected areas, taking care to not further aggravate the rash with any friction.

2. Cool Compress
A cool shower or cool compress can offer some easy relief by cooling your skin to reducing inflammation, but avoid excessive showering or bathing as it will pull away your skin’s natural moisture and can actually lead to further irritation.

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