Health Differences and Similarities Amongst Latinos

One of every six Americans are Latinos but despite sharing the same language we hail from diverse ancestry, cultures, and socio-economic status which results in very significant differences in diseases and health outcomes. According to a comprehensive study of this Latino health diversity throughout the country by the National Institutes of Health, diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity are the prominent health issues all of the Latino communities studied share. This very important study began in 2008 and included over 16,400 patients, ages 17-65.

Although diabetes and obesity were key common health issues amongst all Latinos, when other diseases such as asthma and hypertension were studied, obvious and alarming disparities were found. Puerto Rican Latinos suffer far greater rates of asthma than Mexicans while Cubans experience greater rates of hypertension. This study also included differences in lifestyle habits amongst Latinos finding that Cubans consumed greater amounts of fruits and veggies while Latino woman as a group used less salt in their foods when compared to Latino men.

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