The working girl’s guide to eating clean

We all know how important a healthy eating is, but it’s not easy to make good food choices when you’re always on the go. In the past few years, however, there’s been much more awareness and information about ingredients and where packaged food comes from, so it’s easier than ever to eat clean. But it still takes some planning. Here are a few clean eating tips for working girls on the go.

What exactly is clean eating?

Clean eating is more than just choosing the right foods, it’s also about changing your relationship to food.

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Vanessa Binder
Vanessa Binder

Vanessa Binder is a freelance writer, editor and dog lover. She has been writing about health, wellness, style and beauty for online publications including Mamiverse and Las Fabulosas since 2011. She lives in Virginia with her canine companion, Fern, who is a fan of food, fun, friends and alliteration.