Healthy Snack Swap: Instead of Chocolate Almonds, Make a Mini Nutella Pizza

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Eat This, Not That- Easy Alternatives to Snack Better-MainPhoto

Part of what’s easy and reckless about over-snacking on something from a wrapper or container, is that we tend to mindlessly scoff down handful after handful. But when take the time to prepare a snack ourselves, we have a much better sense of serving size.

Have an addiction to chocolate, too? This is definitely the case for me when it comes to chocolate covered almonds, especially while I’m working. But instead, you can get smart about snacking by spreading Nutella on a Graham cracker and top it with nuts.

Remember, just two handfuls of the almonds covered in chocolate will cost you 240 calories. So instead, try smearing 2 teaspoons of chocolate-hazelnut spread on a big graham cracker. Top with 1 teaspoon chopped nuts, and voila. Same amount of calories as two little handfuls of chocolate covered nuts, but overall a much better snack you are much less likely to overdo.

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