Here’s Why Having Good Rhythm is Good for Your Health

No doubt about it, rhythm is a powerful force. From drumming your fingers along to a song on the radio to breaking it down on the dance floor like Beyoncé — there are a number of rhythmic activities that make us feel good. But what you may not know is that having good rhythm may actually be beneficial to your health, too.

Humans all possess the rhythm response in our brain that prompts us to reflexively move to the beat. Babies come into the world with their own rhythm, with the ability to bop to the beat as young as 5 months old. And even our prehistoric ancestors reaped the benefits of rhythm, using music and dance as a way to bond and communicate. Now research is indicating that the instinctual rhythm we all have inside of us can be a key factor in a healthy life.

With a myriad of health benefits of rhythm-based activities, from lowering stress and blood pressure to busting stress and battling depression, the fact is that adding some rhythm in your life can do a body (and mind) good.

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