How to Communicate with an Autistic Person


Important Autism Communication Strategies

Communication can be one of the biggest challenges for people with autism it can also be daunting for people who have not yet had the opportunity to meet someone who is on the spectrum. Luckily, there are a few helpful autism communication strategies to make communication more comfortable for everyone involved.

To engage in conversation with someone on the spectrum, neurotypicals (someone not affected with a developmental disorder and especially autism spectrum disorder) often need to shift their expectations and their approach to communication, which is why familiarizing yourself with a few autism communication tools could be a good start.

Here are Some Important Autism Communication Strategies

Be Sensitive to Their Differences

People on the spectrum often do not express themselves the same way neurotypicals do, which can sometimes can come off as rude, selfish or lacking empathy. “You need to be sensitive to the fact that they’re doing the best they can, just as you’re doing the best you can,” Lisa Goring, vice president of family services at the advocacy group Autism Speaks tells U.S. News. “There’s no reason they need to be the only one to change.”

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