Increasing Breast Size Naturally: What to Eat to Achieve a Bigger Bosom

3. Dairy

Milk and yogurt is also a very good source of natural estrogen. Keep in mind that whole milk varieties of ANY type of milk (cow, goat, etc.) will have more estrogen than a skimmed or other low-fat variety.

Healthy Fats For Fuller Breasts

It’s important to remember what makes up breast tissue: fat. So, you’ll want to keep fat in your diet, but you want to go with the healthy fats. The fats you need are mono unsaturated fats, notes Dr. Mosquera. “Some examples of healthy fats such include walnuts, olives, olive oil, avocado, avocado oil, lin seeds, linseed oil, and Herring,” says Dr. Mosquera.

Fruits and Vegetables to Increase Breast Size?

Fruits and vegetables regulate the testosterone level in your body, notes Dr. Mosquera. This is what gives them their busty abilities. Some examples are apples, alfalfa, barley, baker’s yeast, beets, cherries, chickpeas, carrots, celery, cucumbers, dates, fennel, oats, olives and olive oil, papaya, peas, plums, pomegranates, potatoes, beans, rhubarb, rice, tomatoes, wheat and yams.

The official and complete UMN list of estrogen boosting foods can be found here.

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