How to (Really) Age Gracefully


When it comes to getting older, does it seem like some people are aging gracefully while others are just plain getting old? Turns out, there are secrets to maintaining a good quality of life and looking great while getting older.

From trying new things to getting enough sleep, here’s how to age gracefully – without running to the plastic surgeon.

Kick Negativity to the Curb

Previous studies have shown that positive people are less prone to mental decline and are overall happier, but what may surprise you is that seeing the glass half full may also add years to your life. A study out of Yale University found that older people who have a positive attitude towards aging lived nearly 8 years longer than those Debbie Downers.

Don’t be a Couch Potato

Turning off the tube is key in how to age gracefully, says one Australian study found that for every hour of TV that adults watch, they lose 22 minutes from their life expectancy. What’s more, other research revealed that watching excessive TV also makes you vulnerable to early dementia as people who watched four hours or more per day scored significantly lower on measures of cognitive performance in middle age.

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