How to Really Know if Your Teen has Suicidal Thoughts


Teen Suicide Warning Signs Every Parent Needs to Know

Blame it on the hormones, the growing awareness of social pressures, or the increasingly demanding educational workload: adolescence, characteristically, is an emotionally tumultuous time in a person’s life. If you aren’t familiar with teen suicide warning signs, you may mistakenly dismiss the signs as normal teen behavior.

As a parent, you will of course have concerns over your teen’s wellbeing as they navigate this challenging phase of life, but you may also realize that you need to give your teen space to struggle and grow. Knowing when to step in as soon as you recognize teen suicide warning signs is extremely important. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among teens.

Major life trauma or life changes like the loss of a loved one, parental divorce, and even moving to a different place can also precipitate suicide. LGBTQ teens are especially at risk for suicide, since they often face an unsupportive family or school environment. Ultimately, depression is the main cause of suicide, so many of the teen suicide warning signs align with signs of teen depression.

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