How to Wrangle Your Holiday Weight Gain Before Winter’s End

Winter is still in full swing even though the holidays are behind us. Which means we have many more months of cool / cold / brutal weather, but it also means we have some time to work off the extra winter pounds we’ve all been packing since before Christmas. If you want to know how to lose weight fast this season, and you’re ready to commit to a better (and lighter) version of yourself, then we’re here with tips, inspiration and next steps to help you make moves and lose holiday weight.

The Holiday Weight Gain Struggle is Real

Before you convince yourself that extra little bit of bulge around your belly is just innocent bloating, know that holiday weight gain is real. A recent study in the Journal of Obesity evaluated publications and reports on holiday weight gain among various groups including adults looking to lose weight and motivated self-monitoring adults. Across the board the researchers found that adults gained more weight during the holidays, despite their efforts to stay healthy and lose weight. Which means that if nothing else, you’re not alone if you put on a few LBs this season.

The study didn’t investigate exactly why this might happen, but researchers suggest that holiday weight gain is likely due to a combination of factors including a more carefree lifestyle, more unhealthy foods served at gatherings, larger portions, eating in company and less time and motivation to exercise during the winter.

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