Harvey & Beyond: 11 Things to Know During Catastrophic Flooding

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Harvey & Beyond: Flood Safety Tips

As Tropical Storm Harvey spins deeper and deeper inland, battering Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in America, hundreds of thousands of Hispanics are up against an unprecedented storm. Harris County, which houses the City of Houston and surrounding areas is getting hit hardest by this natural disaster. It is home to over 1,946,129 Hispanics, which make up over 42.2% of the total population in the area, according to 2016 US census Bureau estimates.

Though already 1,000 people have been rescued overnight and three lives taken by the tropical storm, authorities warn further devastation is yet to come. Authorities say relentless downpour could linger for days and drop over 40 inches (100 centimeters) of rain on Houston and the greater area.

Whipping winds at 70mph and the relentless downpour has caused severe damage, but it is the unprecedented flash flooding that is happening inland that is the biggest threat for Hispanic health in the Texas area.

It’s more important than ever for Hispanics to know the health risks they face in the wake of this catastrophic disaster, and what flood safety tips will help them stay safe.

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