Husky and Hoarse: The Link Between Overweight Kids and Asthma

The Link Between Obesity and Asthma in Children

Is there a connection between obesity and asthma in children? Sadly, it seems the risks of childhood obesity can also include a more severe case of asthma. Obesity, in general, creates an inflammatory state which can affect the airways even more.

So does childhood obesity cause asthma you ask?

While it doesn’t cause it directly, there’s evidence that obesity changes how people respond to chronic and acute asthma treatments.  

For instance, when obese asthmatics are hospitalized, they need more intensive treatments. Inhaled steroids are less effective in controlling obese asthmatics than with non-obese asthmatics, according to the Asthma Initiative of Michigan.

But for preschool children who are overweight and have asthma, the good news is that there’s now evidence they do not have a reduced response to inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) therapy unlike in obese adults with asthma.

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