In Long-Term Couples, is There Such a Thing as Too Much Sex?

How Much Sex is Too Much for Long-Term Couples?

It’s not unusual for long-term couples to encounter challenges in their sex life. Through personal experience and portrayal in the media, you might expect these challenges to result in having too little sex for one or both partners’ liking. For some couples though, the question isn’t “Are we having enough sex?” but rather “How much sex is too much?”. Determining how much sex is too much is not a clear-cut process, and requires physical awareness as well as open communication between both partners.

Can You Have Too Much Sex in a Relationship?

Being in a monogamous, committed long-term relationship comes with benefits to your sex life; you get to have it all the time, without having to worry about any surprise STIs from putting your health at risk. The question of how much sex is too much is hard to answer, because there really isn’t a correct answer. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with having lots and lots of sex in a relationship.

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