Inner DJ: Why Making Your Own Playlists is Your Weight Loss Secret Weapon


Why You Should Make Your Own Playlist for Workouts

Everyone has a favorite pump-up song to get in the zone. And the minute that anthem comes on, you feel like the hero of your own story. Whether you’re lifting weights or folding the laundry, when that jam comes on, you feel like a badass who can take on the world. When you make your own playlist, you are going to be motivated longer, and any type of work will seem easier. As humans, we connect particular songs to memories, and music can really inspire us to up workout intensity.

But it isn’t just about drowning out pain and cramps to any old tune playing at the gym.

The actual process of controlling and curating one’s music while working out improves the experience even more, according to one study.  This is what makes creating your own workout playlist your secret workout weapon.

When it comes to putting together your best workout playlist and picking songs, the information below may help you come up with your most motivating workout mix ever.

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