Is Ginger the Answer to Your Weight Loss Problem?


Ginger, an ingredient represented in culinary traditions around the world, is more than just a root jam-packed with spicy flavor. This rhizome has long been highly regarded in both Chinese and ayurvedic medical traditions, utilized for its anti-inflammatory properties and as a digestive agent. Following a review of recent studies exploring the uses of ginger for weight loss, Western medicine is bound to take the hint and embrace the health benefits of this affordable, easily accessible, and tasty ingredient.

Though few clinical trials on humans have been done to test the potential use of ginger for weight loss, a diversity of preliminary studies have shown positive results. A recent study published by the The New York Academy of Sciences that reviewed 60 studies of ginger’s effects on obesity. Based on their review, the authors of the study concluded that the use of ginger for weight loss management — as well as for diabetes and heart disease — is indeed beneficial.

The review was carried out in the context of metabolic syndrome, which affects a quarter of the world’s population. The American Heart Association characterizes metabolic syndrome as a serious health condition, as it puts people at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke, among other potentially fatal conditions. Obesity is one of metabolic syndrome’s underlying causes.

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