Male Infertility: The Other Side of the Story

Getting pregnant is not nearly as easy or as simple as it may seem. Sure, you need the right parts and right ingredients (namely a healthy egg and a strong sperm), but it’s so much more complex than just having unprotected sex. You have to have unprotected sex at the exact right moment between two reproductively healthy people, which means both the woman AND the man have to be equipped to conceive. And while we often hear about a woman struggling with infertility, male infertility is a common problem and a very real issue for couples all around the world.

Male infertility isn’t exactly a struggle most men worry about. After all, healthy men produce more and more sperm every day of their lives without having to lift a finger or put in any sort of effort. On the contrary, women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have, and as they age, so do their eggs, making conception and a healthy pregnancy more of a challenge every year. So it should be no surprise that women often feel that their biological clock is ticking, while men never really think about male fertility as a risk.

But for many men, male infertility is something they need to be aware of if they are trying to have a baby. In approximately one-third of the cases of infertility the problem is with the woman, in one-third of the cases the problem is with the man, and the rest of the cases involve reproductive issues with both partners. In the simplest terms, male infertility is defined as a man’s inability to cause pregnancy with a fertile female.

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