Is Masturbating Good or Bad for Your Health?

woman in bed masturbating

Well, folks, the verdict from the experts is in: Masturbation is good for your health.

Like it or not, or approve of it or not, masturbating offers a few health benefits, and it’s perfectly normal to want to spend a night alone with some candles and some mood music, once in a while.

Masturbation Is Good for Your Health: How So?

So, let’s get right down to it: What are the health benefits of masturbation, the stimulation of your own genitals for sexual arousal?

According to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Planned Parenthood, some of the reasons why masturbation is good for your health include:

  • It provides a safe sexual outlet.
  • It can be a pleasurable alternative to intercourse, offering STI and pregnancy prevention.
  • It can improve sleep patterns.
  • It helps you learn about your sexual desires and what works for you sexually.
  • It can help reduce stress levels.
  • It can increase the ability to achieve orgasms.
  • It can prevent and relieve menstrual cramps.
  • It can improve self-esteem.
  • It can strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
  • It can help treat sexual dysfunction.

“Today we have greater knowledge and understanding about masturbation being a healthy sexual practice, and we know that 95% of men and 89% of women masturbate,” sexologist Joanne Bagshaw, PhD, a psychology and women’s studies professor at Montgomery College, tells saludmóvil™.

“However, some of the effects of thinking of masturbation as a moral failure or mental illness are still felt, particularly for women,” she adds.

“There has been a cultural shift in more acceptance of men’s masturbation practices, but sadly a double standard exists for women’s sexuality. For instance, a majority of college-aged women feel confused about whether or not masturbating is normal.”

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