Medical Cannabis: 25 New Ways to Ingest it without Smoking it

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25 New Ways to Take Medical Marijuana

If you’re considering medical marijuana, you’re probably aware that smoking a joint fills your lungs with toxic compounds and can be very harsh on the throat. Though smoking cannabis is the quickest way to get the effects of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high, there are newer and better ways to take medical marijuana to ease your discomfort.

As marijuana gradually becomes decriminalized state by state, medical entrepreneurs are promoting components of the cannabis plant to help those struggling with maladies ranging from menstrual cramps to seizures.

Wondering how to take medical cannabis or how to use medical marijuana to ease your pain or discomforts?

All the Ways to Take Medical Marijuana (no Joints Involved)

1. Vaporizers

Many patients enjoy “vaping” medical marijuana in a vaporized form because it delivers instant relief without hurting your lungs like smoking can. It also doesn’t leave your house smelling like a college dorm.

2. The Volcano Vaporizer

With a price tag of about $500, this high-end vaporizer traps the marijuana vapors in a bag, which patients can inhale from. It requires loose-leaf marijuana and according to the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, this device provides a safe and effective cannabinoid delivery system. “The final pulmonal uptake of THC is comparable to the smoking of cannabis, while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.”

3. Alchemy Vaporizer Pen

For newbies on a budget this $40 vape pen is labeled as the perfect vaporizing device for beginners by Business Insider. It uses cartridges filled with potent marijuana oil, which its marketers claim is helpful for those who are new to cannabis and don’t yet know the effects of particular strains.

4. Dabbing Method

To dab is to take vaping to an even more potent level of THC potency. Instead of vaporizing cannabis flower, dabbing involves vaporizing a cannabis concentrate and inhaling its vapors.

5. Pax 3 Vaporizer

Sleek, portable and techie friendly it’s no wonder the Pax 3 has been labeled the “iPhone of vaporizers.” It looks like a futuristic lighter, weighs less than an iPhone and handles cannabis concentrates for dabbing.

6. Rectal Suppositories

You’ve got two choices: you either insert a small cone-shaped mass of cannabis extract into your rectum, or buy pre-made suppositories of 2 grams for adults or 1 gram for kids. The pro, according to United Patients Group, is that it kicks in quickly; and cons, well, not the most fun to administer.

7. Ingesting Raw Cannabis

Though special users like this form of ingesting because it is not psychoactive, the taste isn’t pleasant for most. It contains THC-A, the acid form of THC, which is milder and according to United Patients Group, some patients and doctors believe THC-A has unique medicinal properties that are lost when the plant is dried or heated.

8. Raw Cannabis Smoothie

Since eating raw herbs tastes terrible to most, just add it into a smoothie. You will need a masticating juicer like the ones used for wheat grass to liquefy the cannabis leaf in its raw form. Then pour the cannabis juice in an ice tray and freeze it. Use about two to three ice cubes according to this cannabis smoothie with mango, yogurt, and banana recipe from Esquire.

9. Pill Form

A study found that marijuana in pill forms like Dronabinol can provide greater pain relief than when a person smokes it. The Mayo Clinic warns that the extent and timing of the pill’s effects may be harder to control than with smoking. Be warned that Slate reported that taking the pill orally causes the liver to convert it into a form four times stronger than when it’s inhaled.

10. Inhalers

Unlike vaporizers that heat the THC, inhalers blast the medical marijuana directly into your lungs. Considered the most efficient and discreet way of administering it, presently products like the Vapen Clear inhaler are only available in Arizona and at select dispensaries in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

11. Medical Marijuana Edibles

While homemade brownies used to be the only marijuana edibles in town, they were dangerous to ingest because you didn’t know how much weed your hippie cook had added to the brownie mix and how evenly it was spread out.

Today, medical marijuana edibles with clear dosage levels on its packaging is a popular method among children and elderly patients since it usually tastes delicious and is easy to ingest. Be warned though that the market for marijuana edibles is wide, not checked by the FDA and varied and not always clearly labeled.

William Stage, a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Alexandria, told the Washington Post that “while smoked marijuana goes to the brain in 20 seconds, it takes longer for marijuana in food to take effect. Also, marijuana can have more of a psychedelic effect when eaten.”

Perhaps what can happen when you eat an edible was best described in a tweet by the comedian Bill Dixon:

Every story about edible weed:

1. Not high.
2. Not high.
3. Still not high.
4. Not high.
5. Please drive me to the emergency room

12. Marijuana Candy Bars

Though some taste delicious and are packaged just like a Hershey bar, be very careful because they may contain more THC than a joint can. Even a small amount could have a strong and psychedelic effect on someone new to marijuana or with experience. Eating a marijuana candy bar like this one was reported to be equivalent to smoking 30 joints.

13. Ice Cream Highs

Weed ice cream in now available in medical marijuana dispensaries. The Sausalito based company Cannabis Creamery is a legal, nonprofit collective that offers 60 milligrams of THC in their pre-packaged 4-ounce cups. No binging on this ice cream please.

14. Cooking Meals with Cannabis

If you want to cook up cannabis squash soup or marijuana ribeye at home, learning how to cook with cannabis is necessary. THC bonds to fat molecules when heated, so if you infuse it in butter and oil like the marijuana Martha Stewart, author of Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis, Laurie Wolf does, the world is your cannabis oyster.

15. Cannabutter

From Laurie Wolf and Melissa Park´s Herb cookbook. For the cannabutter, you will need ½ ounce of cannabis and ½ lb. butter.

16. Canna Oil

Or you can cook with cannabis oil, also from the Herb cookbook.

17. Laurie + MaryJane Products

Laurie + MaryJane is a line of edible products targeted for recreational use in Oregon, includes cheese chips, chocolate truffles and almond cake bites with up to 10mg THC per cake bite and up to 50mg THC per package.

18. Tampons

If you suffer from terrible menstrual cramps, Foria Relief is a cannabis tampon made of organic cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD Isolate. It won’t get you high but it will make that menstrual pain go bye-bye.

19. Tinctures

A cannabis tincture is made from cannabis flowers soaked in alcohol creating a concentrated liquid form of marijuana. Just place a few drops of this concentrated form of marijuana under your tongue and you will experience a quick onset of effects.

20. Tonics

A marijuana tonic, on the other hand, is very similar to a tincture discussed above, but is designed to be drunk. Some will mix it with a fruit drink to mask the bitter taste.

21. Sublingual Sprays

Promoters of oral cannabis sprays say that spraying under the tongue, rather than inhaling or ingesting, cause fewer side effects. It also lacks the “peak” associated with more traditional cannabis medicine. A dose may include 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC.

22. Transdermal Patches

These adhesive patches deliver high potency cannabinoid (CBD) extract through skin absorption. The CBD enters the bloodstream and penetrates a patient’s central nervous system acting as a pain reliever. Research has shown that CBD can be an effective treatment for many types of pain, particularly inflammatory pain reports Fibromyalgia News Today.

23. Balms

If you’re looking for topical relief without any psychoactive side effects Dixie Synergy Relief Balm contains 50 mg of both CBD and THC per container to treat localized pain and inflammation.

24. Body Lotions

Marketed to diminish discomfort from pulled muscles, arthritis, and eczema, Lord Jones High CBD Pain & Wellness Formula Body Lotion combines CBD and THC in a five-to-one ratio and is currently sold in California.

25. Pain Relief Sprays

CBD For Life 99% Pure CBD Extract Pain Relief is a spray that contains cannabinoid extract, arnica, menthol, and camphor for sore muscle and arthritic pains.

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