Monkey See, Monkey Do: Study Says Babies Mimic Adults Who Persevere

Study Shows Babies Learn from Parents' Perseverance

As a parent, you know you have a really big responsibility to mold your children into the people you hope they become. Your job is huge, and at times, overwhelmingly exhausting. But know this: even from a very young age, your babies are watching you. They are learning from your every move and every action. And research says that they don’t just learn from your successful actions; they learn from your mistakes as well. A recent study found that babies learn from parents’ perseverance, and not only that, but they mimic that perseverance and grit even before they can speak.

This study is certainly eye opening in thinking about what babies observe, what they mimic and how babies imitate their parents’ behavior. And it raises another larger question — a question of how babies learn.

Do they see what you do and completely copy you? Do they watch and observe first? Do they internalize your actions and decide how to proceed? Or do they simply do their own thing, following their instincts and learning as they go?

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