Obesity and Cancer: The Scary Links Between the Two


Obesity and Cancer: The Scary Links Between the Two

The general public understands that being overweight or obese is unhealthy, with at least a vague comprehension that carrying excess weight increases the risk of developing serious and fatal illnesses. Health conditions like diabetes and heart disease come to mind. A new report released by the CDC has expanded upon the health risks associated with excess weight by linking obesity and cancer. The study establishes a strong link between obesity and cancer risk — 13 different types of cancer, in fact.

Based on health and population data between 2005 and 2014, analysts concluded that being overweight or obese raises the risk of developing meningioma, multiple myeloma, lower esophageal, thyroid, postmenopausal breast, gallbladder, stomach cancer, liver, pancreas, kidney, ovarian, uterine, and colorectal cancers. This group of cancers accounted for 40 percent of all cancer cases in 2014. The World Cancer Research Fund also cites evidence that suggests overweight and obesity contributes to a higher risk of cervical and aggressive forms of prostate cancer as well, though more evidence is needed to confirm the link between these types of cancer and obesity.

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