Picking Up the Pieces After a Hurricane


Flood Disaster Recovery: Picking Up the Pieces After a Hurricane

Hurricanes carve a unique path of disruption characterized by mass displacement of communities, the downing of structures and infrastructure, and destructive flooding. Here are some of the first tasks you should expect to face as you embark on the difficult task of flood disaster recovery.


Many no longer have homes to return to and will rely upon family, friends, neighbors, and shelters until they can start anew. The surest way for a community to recover is for everyone to help one another in times of need. Do not be afraid to ask for or to offer help; many things cannot be done alone, and are better done together.

If you do have a home to return to, only return when local authorities say it is safe to do so. That means waiting for the storm to pass and flood waters to subside. Keep pets and children away from the home until it has been cleaned and cleared for safety.

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