Postpartum Depression: 30 Facts You Need to Know


30 Postpartum Depression Facts You Need to Know

Postpartum depression is a severe form of depression that is a relatively common condition affecting new mothers. Left untreated, the repercussion upon the mother and the child can be significant, even permanent. Knowing some basic postpartum depression facts can help mothers and their support network manage this condition and ultimately experience the joys and challenges of motherhood free of the burden of maternal mental illness.

Here are 30 postpartum depression facts that you need to know if you’re a new mother, you’re expecting, or you want to know how to support an expectant mother.

1. Debilitating Effects

Having postpartum depression can disrupt a mother’s ability to take care of herself as well as others.

2. Faultless

Postpartum depression is not caused by any fault of the mother.

3. An Indiscriminate Condition

Demographically speaking, postpartum depression can affect any woman.

4. When Postpartum Depression Occurs

Postpartum depression symptoms typically begin within a month of childbirth, but can also begin while a mother is still pregnant.

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