Holiday Weight Gain: How to Stay Slim and Eat Your Cake Too

During the weeks that fall between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, snacking on cookies, endless dessert offerings, hefty leftovers, and a packed schedule of holiday food-filled events becomes a way of life. So is it possible to really celebrate the season without experiencing holiday weight gain? Although it may seem impossible, experts say there are ways to indulge without packing on pounds.

So just how much do we tend to overeat during the holidays? According to research done at Texas A&M University, all of this holiday season feasting leads Americans to eat an average of 619 more calories per day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

To put that number in perspective, that’s 33 days of gobbling up an additional 619 calories. Which adds up to a grand total of 20,427 extra calories by January 1.

All those extra calories might make you feel like you’ve put on some weight, but according to the latest research, we may, surprisingly, tend to overestimate how much weight we really gain.

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